Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mr Winkworth set maths extension games

Here are this weeks maths extension games!

Grand Slam Maths level 1 Have a try at these maths word problems and try and become a grand slam champion!

Who wants to be a Mationaire-Multiplication quiz Just like last week, but this time you need to be an expert in multiplication to win!

Su-doku practice I managed to complete the medium Su-doku. See if you can beat or match my score. Remember to start off with easy at first!

Good luck and remember to post a comment saying how you found the games and if you got a high score! 

Mr Winkworth


  1. To Mr Winkworth
    I got 15 right and 2 wrong

  2. To Mr Winkworth
    I got £1000000 in the mationaire-multiplication quiz.