Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mr Winkworth's maths set homework games

A challenge for you to do as part of your maths homework! Choose one or more of the games below to have a play at home. 

This is a game to practise adding up 3 numbers! It's based on Bargain Hunt. Remember to choose to add 3 numbers and to have a try at some of the harder levels.

This is a su-doku game specially designed for children! You can time how long it takes you to complete the game. 

Alternatively have a try at the Lemonade stand game here

Remember to put a comment below if you enjoyed it, had a problem or got a really good score! (Don't forget to put your name after the comment!)


  1. Mr winkworth I beat your score big time I got 290 cents

    From Rayyan

  2. 290 Cents!? You do realise that is only $2.90! :)

  3. My score on sudoku was o3.o7.By Adam 3w